One-Stop Shop for the Worker Resistance to GOP Congress & Trump Agenda

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Seems like every day there’s a tidal wave of information coming out about the efforts of the GOP Congress and Trump Administration to undermine working people. From taking away the health insurance of millions of Americans, to giving Wall Street bankers the keys to our economy to threatening the basic rights of workers, it can be overwhelming to keep up.

In an effort to help inform and give folks ways to act, today we launch, a site devoted to giving Californians the information and tools they need to fight the onslaught of attacks.

On this site you’ll find a list of federal threats, updated daily, as well as important context on issues affecting California’s working people. We’ll also highlight upcoming actions you can take part in, both online and in-person, to resist the attacks that workers and their families face. Finally, we hope to make this site a valuable resource for anyone who wants to join the fight against the corporate CEOs, Wall Street bankers and DC politicians that are seeking to make things easier for billionaires at the expense of hard-working people in our communities.

We hope you’ll find this new site helpful. With so much happening daily, it’s going to take all of us, in the fight together, to protect the things we as Californians value most. But we know that when working people stand together, we win.

Welcome to Sign up today to stay informed and spread the word on social media after you sign up.

Have an idea for Can’t Trump California? Email us at or post to social media with the hashtag #TrumpWatch

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