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May 11, 2017

Trump gives interview to Economist, makes it clear he doesn’t know what he’s talking about

Some of the highlights (lowlights?) from the Economist interview, courtesy of Vox:

The sheer volume of things that Trump says over the course of the interview is mind-boggling, and practically beyond counting. At times he appears to be willfully lying in pursuit of some political agenda, or at least repeating a half-remembered partisan talking point. But he also asserts that nobody had heard of Mike Pence before he was chosen to be Trump’s running mate, when Pence has in fact been well-known in American political circles for years.

  • Trump says that Ireland “never raised their taxes” during the Great Recession, when in fact Value Added Tax, gas tax, and alcohol taxes went up and the government also imposed a new carbon tax and moved to close some corporate tax loopholes.
  • Trump says we “always lose” in NAFTA arbitration cases, when in fact that United States has a better won-loss record in such disputes than either Canada or Mexico.
  • Trump says we run a $15 billion trade deficit with Canada, when in fact last year we ran a trade surplus.
  • Trump says Reagan’s 1986 tax reform proposal increased the deficit, when it did not.
  • Trump says we’re “the highest taxed nation in the world,” when in fact the United States has lower taxes than every developed country except Chile, Mexico, and Korea.
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